New!Hot Stone Massage where luxury and therapeutic benefits intertwine. The warmth of the stones melt stress away, creating a deep sigh "Ahhhh!" feeling. Therapeutically speaking, it activates your relaxation response in your autonomic nervous system, increases blood flow, and decreases blood pressure.  In addition, the heat of the stones soften fascia and fascial adhesions allowing your muscles to move more freely. (See Myofascial Therapy).

Myofascial Therapy (Myo) melts adhesions and restrictions that occur in the fascia (connective tissue). Fascia is woven through out  our body, including muscles. When a muscle is contracted or elongated for a prolonged period of time due to our activities, the fascia gets ‘stuck’ in that shape. An example is being stiff when getting out of bed or after sitting for a long time. Injury, repetitive activities, and poor posture can cause the  fascia to build up creating adhesions which can glue muscles down. This can decrease our range of motion and increase pain with movement. Myofascial Therapy uses a slow broad stroke that smooths out the fascia and adhesions. Then the muscle tissue can re-establish its natural tone and flexibility. Myo is a gentle way to warm muscles for other deep tissue modalities such as Neuromuscular Therapy. (See Neuromuscular Therapy.)

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) uses a specific sequence of massage techniques applied throughout the length of the muscle and where it attaches to the bone. These attachment sites have many nerves that sense the length and tension of the muscle. By working these attachment sites, NMT helps the brain and body to communicate. NMT also incorporates trigger point release (small painful segments within the muscle that are constantly contracted and can refer pain to other parts of the body). By effecting nerve sites and trigger points within the muscle, NMT relaxes the muscle and returns it to its natural length and tonicity.

Sports Massage provides benefits for professional and novice athletes. Different techniques are used based on the athlete's goals. Before an event/game/workout, a vigorous massage is used to increase circulation, range of motion, and getting psyched up for peak performance.  After events/games/workouts, a slower, lighter massage is used. The focus is to help tired muscles recover, increase circulation, and release toxin build up (such as lactic acid) within the muscle. Finally, maintenance sports massage incorporates Myo and NMT (See above), and is used between events and during down time. The goal is to  facilitate the healing process for existing injuries, prevention of future injuries, and is a great part of an athlete’s health care. Thirty minute sessions are beneficial for pre and post event, and spot specific injuries,  ie: tennis/golfer's elbow or Achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis. Sixty or 90 minute sessions are beneficial for multiple injuries, and covering larger ground of postural muscles.

Swedish Relaxation Massage applies gentle, soothing strokes from head to toe which relaxes and rejuvenates the body. This is the most common form of massage and what most people think of when they here the word “massage.” It is often viewed as a pampering self-indulgence (which it is). However, there are many health benefits that make Swedish Massage therapeutic in nature. Research has proven that massage can increase circulation throughout the body and decrease stress signals, promoting a calm sense of well-being.  Add hot stones (See above)  to your relaxation massage and let your worries melt away!

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage is a nurturing touch designed to help alleviate stress and bring balance to the body. Pregnancy massage can increase circulation for both mother and baby, and decrease muscle strain from the growing demands on the mother's body. It can also help alleviate physical and emotional stress of the new demands in the mother’s life. Pending on goals Myofascial Therapy and Swedish Relaxation Massage (See above) can be safely used during Pregnancy as well as Postpartum.

Self-Care Techniques can be part of your therapeutic massage session and a great way to participate in your wellness plan and prolong the benefits of your session.  (See Light Touch Techniques).

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