Have you ever had a life changing “Ah! Ha!” moment?  When the chitter chatter of your mind subsided, and you had clarity? Did you notice the feeling of peace or inspiration that came with that insight?  Would you like to feel that way more often?

Please join me, Kathryn Hannan, in an exploration of how our mind, thoughts, and feelings work. We will be reading the book - Just a Thought by Amy Johnson, PhD. In this beautifully written book, she makes the neuropsychology of how and why the brain functions easy to understand. She also uses creative metaphors and stories to help her readers move beyond repetitious thoughts and negative feelings, and be in the natural flow of their own Inner Wisdom.

Seating will be limited. Please RSVP.
Call/text: 734-748-4564
Email: Kathryn@theracaremassagetherapy.com
Book club is Free.  Gratitude/Love Offerings are appreciated.

Little Cup of Wisdom
Facilitated Book Club

Every Sunday for 6 weeks

September 17 - October 22
 Venue by 4M @ 12:30pm-2:00pm
1919 S. Industrial Hwy, Ann Arbor 48104