Kathryn Hannan, LMT, Upledger CranioSacral Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master & Body Worker

I have always been interested in therapeutic massage and light touch therapies.  I have been doing light touch most of my life.  I have been a student of Dennis Adams, world renowned healer,  since I was 17 and started studying Usui Reiki when I was 19.  I became interested in therapeutic massage when I  received my first deep tissue massage for back pain from a car collision.  That's when I knew  I wanted to be a bodyworker.

Ever since I first learned about fascia (connective tissue in our body), I have  been fascinated by it .  As muscle is our organ of movement, fascia is our organ of shape.  When over-use or injury sets in, fascia will hold our body in that shape until it is released.  For example, a mom who always carried her children on her right hip, can still has a high right hip long after her children are grown.  Our bodies can compensate for a while, until they can't and we start experiencing symptoms.  Due to my massage training, I had been biased that to affect fascia the therapist needs a deep pressure.  However, I been proven otherwise through the light touch therapies of CranioSacral,  Dennis Adam's Techniques, and Reiki.  I've witnessed these three techniques affecting fascia and so much more with a very light touch!

Our bodies ability to heal and restore balance amazes me.  Via light or deep touch, with the "right nudge" our bodies know what to do.  I look forward to more discoveries and new ways to be of service and promote health and well-being.

My Education:

Graduated University of Michigan, BA , 1994

Graduated from Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy, 2003

    Certified in: Myofascial Therapy

                               Neuromuscular Therapy

                              Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Other Training:

Upledger CranioSacral Practitioner - Ongoing Education

Dennis Adams' Technique Practitioner - Ongoing Education

Usui Reiki Master, 2009

Professional Experience/Membership:

Medallion member of International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Certified member of American Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Professional member of  American Massage Therapy Association


Education coordinator & instructor - local massage school (2 years)

Owned own business since 2005